Natalie Higgins is licensed in the state of North Carolina to provide supervision to LCASA, CSAC or an LCMHCA.

Finding a good supervisor is like finding a good therapist. It has to be the right fit. I’ve had supervision on and off over the last 10+ years while working in a variety of settings, and I can attest to the value of good quality supervision. I’ve had amazing supervision and not so amazing supervision. Some of the supervision I received was free through the agency of which I was employed, but I’ve also paid for supervision just to have an outside perspective. I felt this was invaluable.

I have worked with clinical staff in a community mental health agency and opioid treatment program, with seasoned therapists and new therapists seeking licensure. I am truly passionate about clinical and professional therapist development. I believe the art of becoming a successful therapist has at its foundation a solid dedication to clinical expertise, and to the essentials of sound and ethical business practices. In my private practice, I provide individual therapy to adults, but I have experience working with adolescents and families.  I am always learning and find the ongoing research in our field to be fascinating.

My approach is client-centered, direct, and involves a sense of humor. My goal is to cultivate a relationship that meets your professional needs, state requirements, and ethical guidelines. I will work diligently to foster a comfortable place for you to ask questions and voice concerns. I will provide support, encouragement, and guidance with case formulation, business development, and career decisions. The regular discussion of cases, practice standards, and ethical questions are the heart of our profession. Supervision and consultation can enhance our ability to listen more thoroughly, intervene or interpret with greater confidence, and infuse our work with vitality, kindness, and hope. For this reason, I continue to seek consultation on a regular basis.

My supervisory style is collaborative. I see our relationship as more than me just sharing expertise, but one of helping you create your own personal style, reflect on areas of growth and enhance your skills. I have experience with helping other professionals work through their burnout and break away from that damn imposter syndrome

If you are an LCASACSAC, or an LCMHCA looking for good quality supervision, give me a call, and let’s see if we are a good fit!

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