Insurance Accepted: Blue Cross Blue Shield and Aetna

The greatest gift I can give someone is to help them feel connected with themselves and others. When we are unable to feel comfortable in our own skin, we become vulnerable to unhealthy boundaries, toxic relationships, and loneliness. I believe a big step we can take towards finding joy is paying more attention to ourselves and understanding our own needs.

I have a Master’s Degree from (the) Ohio State University and a BA in Psychology from UNC-Asheville. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (010643) and Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist Associate (24404). I started my career in Chicago because I had a yearning to live in a large city. However, I soon realized how much I missed the mountains (read: biscuits) in North Carolina and returned in 2017. Summer is my favorite season because my dog, Sprout (pictured, of course), is more likely to join me outside and also I am a baseball fan. I am a step mom to two elementary-school-aged kiddos as well.

Through studying attachment theory, I have learned how relationship patterns form, what purpose they serve, and how to break from those that are leaving us stuck. If we were raised in environments with poor boundaries we were likely never taught what healthy boundaries look like. I love to assist clients who want to better understand their behaviors and learn how to develop self-awareness skills to help them feel more in control of their lives. I want your feelings to be validated and to also show you how to regulate them and express them effectively. I am trained in Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART) which utilizes rapid eye movements and guided imagery to help clients live with peace after spending years suffering from trauma symptoms, panic disorders, anxiety, and depression. I also utilize Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) informed modalities to teach clients distress tolerance and interpersonal relationship skills. Our brains are complex but are looking for strategies to cope with pain, we just need to show them how.


Please reach out to me at 828-481-8660 or complete the contact form to schedule a free 15 minute phone consultation to learn more! I look forward to hearing from you and answering any questions you may have.

Note: I am an out-of-state tele-health provider for the state of Florida.

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