Insurance Accepted: Aetna and Blue Cross Blue Shield
Licensed in: NC

Transitions in our lives can be difficult and can be overwhelming. Whether you are someone seeking to identify boundaries and structure routine in your life and in new or established relationships, or you have found that you are struggling to support your day to day needs alone in a new season of life. I am someone who recognizes the importance of identifying a supportive environment, having collaborative goals, and integrating into the community to encourage recovery and growth. If you are willing to be therapeutically challenged, seek to express yourself, your needs, and perhaps enjoy or are curious to do so creatively I would be honored to build a therapeutic relationship with you and provide support to your journey.

I work from a very creative lens, as I am a registered art therapist (ATR#201-29) and have utilized creative expression as a personal tool for reflection and healing. I have supported many others in the past six years of my career with both traditional talk and expressive therapies, I am an associate licensed mental health professional (LCMHC-A#16929) I have obtained masters in both Clinical Mental Health Counseling and Art Therapy from Emporia State University in Kansas (2018) and have specialized training making me a trauma informed clinician as well as an associate licensed clinical addictions specialist (LCAS-A#27971). My clinical focus embraces each individual and their needs, is derived from transtheoretical and solution-focused models, and pulls from holistic approaches to individual and group therapy. I may use techniques and elements from cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), Polyvagal, dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), Attachment theories, Motivational Interviewing and Body Centered/Somatic approaches to treatment.

I have the opportunity to support individuals ages 18+ who have a history of anxiety, depression, trauma, disordered eating or body image issues, and those who seek to have a greater relationship with self and with others. I am someone who is competent and supportive of the LGBTQIA2S+ community and continues to learn every day about this and other communities and cultures.

“Not the world, not what’s outside of us, but what we hold inside traps us. We may not be responsible for the world that created our minds, but we can take responsibility for the mind with which we create our world.”
― Gabor Maté, In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts: Close Encounters with Addiction

My hope is to provide you with a warm and open space, without judgment and with perspective for you to gain more insight. My intention is to provide you space to find autonomy, resilience, and a greater understanding of yourself.

Please reach out to me at 828-600-5185 or complete the contact form to schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation to learn more!

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