Patient Coordinator

Hi, I’m Kyla! I’m the Patient Coordinator for Higgins Wellness. I handle the scheduling for our medication management provider, Alicia; I also respond to inquiries, coordinate with clients, send paperwork, maintain client files in our practice management systems, and handle follow-ups and reminders via email, text message, and phone call.

I am also a counseling student at Lenoir-Rhyne University, on track to becoming a therapist in 2025. I started on my path towards the field of therapy in 2017 when I began working at a sexual assault crisis and prevention center. Although it was intense, emotional work, I absolutely cherished the opportunity to support survivors throughout their journey towards healing. I also started seeing my own therapist during this time; she helped me recognize my unhelpful patterns and get in touch with my core values, and I was able to start living more in congruence with my true self. My next chapter was working at a wilderness therapy program. This brought me even closer to where I am now; seeing some amazing therapists in action was inspiring and invigorating to me. It was at that point that I decided I wanted to and was capable of becoming a therapist. I am so excited for the opportunity to continue to support clients in their life journeys and to bring wholeness and healing to people’s lives.

I love to play volleyball and play the guitar and sing (I can BUST out Wagon Wheel at any campfire, anytime!). I have an adorable and mischievous cat named Maple who likes to push the screens out of the windows to escape and eat any butter that’s left on the counter. I’m originally from Chapel Hill, NC but have been living in Asheville since 2013. I attended UNCA and after graduating, stuck around because I love it here so much; the food, music, beer, nature, and friendly, weird people make it the perfect place for me. I’m grateful to be working for Higgins Wellness and to be learning more about the field of therapy, meeting some amazing therapists, and continuing to support people in their journey towards wellness.

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