Anxiety is described as feelings of worry, apprehension and fear. It can come from genetics, environmental factors, brain chemistry and personality. Anxiety has the ability to rob you of your peace of mind and stop you from being able live life more fully. It can also create poor self-image and dismantle personal relationships.


  • Constant worry about “everyday stuff”
  • Difficulty going to sleep and remaining asleep due to racing thoughts or worry
  • Fear of a specific object that causes disruption in your life or is out of proportion to the danger that would be involved
  • Do you say to yourself, “Why can’t I just do things like everyone else?”.
  • Physical symptoms brought on by anxiety: Chronic indigestion, stomach trouble, headaches, and stiff neck/muscles.
  • Panic attacks
  • Feeling self-conscious consistently (worried others are judging you)
  • Perfectionism (i.e., constantly worrying about making a mistake, not having your clothes just right)
  • Obsessive behaviors.

Some people are nervous about coming to therapy. They don’t know what to expect and may worry about feeling judged. It’s absolutely normal to have these feelings and be “unsure” about therapy. Giving up control to a stranger is no easy task. We invite you to move outside of your comfort zone and allow yourself the opportunity to take control of your life. When we are able to understand our emotions and how we are feeling, it creates space for us to transform our emotional responses and ultimately redirect our actions.

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