What is an Akashic Records Reading?

The Akashic Records are essentially a Spiritual Library. A library above the clouds, past the galaxies, protected and held by Spirit/Source/God and any loved ones, Guides, or Angels.

Your record/book in this library is opened through a sacred ritual. Once you are in this space, you have access to all of the information about your soul, past, present, and future.

It’s like Google for the soul: You can ask any question you’d like! Whether it’s to learn more about yourself, gain guidance for a particular situation, or get answers to those long unanswered questions. The Records will only give you the information you can tolerate and integrate at the time. It’s a very loving space. Full of unconditional love and acceptance.

You will get in touch with your Higher Self, the soul version of you. By doing so, you will gain more appreciation, understanding and love for yourself. Your Higher Self holds so much wisdom that can often not come through when we are blocked by our human conditioning and resistance. Accessing the Records includes releasing those blocks, healing them and clearing space for more wisdom to flow to you.

What happens during an Akashic Reading?

It will begin with entering into a guided meditation to balance your energy before entering into the high-vibration space of the Akashic Records. Through a sacred ritual, your Akashic Records will be opened. Time will be spent bringing through whatever wisdom your Guides would like you to know at the time and proceeding through any questions that you have prepared.

As your practitioner tunes into Spirit’s answers, they allow themselves to be guided to whatever treatment your spiritual team feels is best for your Highest Good. Your practitioner may be called to provide Reiki, inner child healing, clearing of energetic blocks, chakra alignment and cleansing, relational/ancestral/generational connections and forgiveness, past life exploration, astral travel, and downloads of specific protocols.

During the session, you can keep your eyes open or closed, after the Records are open. Your practitioner will engage in dialogue throughout our appointment, so you can ask clarifying questions and the Records can request answers from you.

At the end of an Akashic reading, your practitioner will usually send reiki to the person receiving it, so that they can leave the session feeling healed and relaxed.


60-75 Min Session

Available in Person or Remote via Zoom

Reasons someone may request an Akashic reading:

  • Seeking guidance arounds one’s life purpose
  • Desire to understand and release emotional blocks and negative patterns of behavior
  • Explore past lives and how they may be showing up in the present
  • Seeking spiritual growth and development

More about Akashic Energy-work:

Oftentimes, we can experience such a flood of information during an Akashic reading that we may need a protective shield of energy around us or we may realize some of our chakras are out of balance.

The combination of Akashic reading with Reiki is a unique creation. Your practitioner is able to remain channeling in the records while sending a person energy healing. Reiki uses a universal, non-specific life force energy to help the body’s ability to heal itself.

Akashic Energy work is different since it uses life force energy unique to that individual.
This rebalancing then resonates deeper with the energetic body since it is the energetic body’s own pulse.

Though as safe as Reiki, Akashic sessions do take a little more energy from the practitioner and the client.

*After a session, it can be best to take the rest of the day to incorporate the energy and rest. Drink lots of water and be gentle with yourself as you process these new discoveries.

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